Arrival of the air conditioning technician, a dream come true

The doorbell sounded and I sprinted towards the front of the house. I had been waiting for the man from Air Conditioning Service Melbourne to arrive since I’d scheduled the appointment two days ago. Considering my air conditioner had been broken for a good while, I had become used to my home being warmer than average. Now that it was the middle of summer, things were getting a little uncomfortable. I hadn’t noticed it until last night, but I was turning into the grumpiest old witch in all the land. I was starting to turn into one of those people that children are scared of, someone that puppies and kittens run from. I didn’t want to be like that, I was usually happy and full of life. The heat was sucking my very essence out of me and if I didn’t do something about it soon, there’d be no going back.

The technician from Air Conditioning Repairs Melbourne was standing tall, with his toolbox in his hand and a large, friendly smile on his face. I greeted the man, introduced myself and asked him into my home. The man was very careful not to knock over anything with his toolbox, and I directed him down to the air conditioner. I explained to the man from Air Conditioning Melbourne that I had spent the past few days covering myself in cold water and doing anything possible to keep cool. The man grinned at me and told me that he would do his absolute best to get the air conditioner working again. I thanked him and left him to it. I thought about how incredibly gorgeous the technician was, and how badly I wanted to ask him out for dinner. I maintained my professionality though, choosing not to ask him out. I did however, end up with a perfectly well-working air conditioner.