Confusion springs from mysteriously broken air conditioner

Having four older brothers had it’s ups and downs. We were all incredibly close, but being the youngest of five and female didn’t make things easy for me. I was constantly harassed by my brothers, all picking on me. They loved scaring off the boys that I spoke to, or publicly embarrassing me. They were the best brother’s a girl could ask for and I couldn’t have made it this far without them. When I was just a baby, my parents had passed away in a car accident, leaving my brothers to take care of me, raising me to be the woman I’d grown to be today. I was only twenty, and my brothers ages spanned between 23 and 30. Focused on health, fitness and family, my brothers were always doing some form of training. Yesterday when I’d gotten home from school, I found a note on the refrigerator. The note was asking anyone that had a spare moment, to phone Air Conditioning Service Sydney. I looked over at the air conditioner, confused as to what was wrong with it. I’d used it just a few night’s back and it’d worked fine. Worried that I’d caused the damage, I picked up the phone and called Air Conditioning Repairs Sydney.

When the man at Air Conditioning Sydney answered the phone, I told him why I was calling, and asked if he would be able to help me. The kind man assured me he could sort something out as he looked for their next available appointment. As I gave the man my details, he paused and asked if I’d already phoned up today. A bit taken back by the question, I told him that I hadn’t called earlier but it was possible that one of my brother’s had. The man giggled as he went through his upcoming appointments, only to inform me that an appointment had already been set for three days time.

Arrival of the air conditioning technician, a dream come true

The doorbell sounded and I sprinted towards the front of the house. I had been waiting for the man from Air Conditioning Service Melbourne to arrive since I’d scheduled the appointment two days ago. Considering my air conditioner had been broken for a good while, I had become used to my home being warmer than average. Now that it was the middle of summer, things were getting a little uncomfortable. I hadn’t noticed it until last night, but I was turning into the grumpiest old witch in all the land. I was starting to turn into one of those people that children are scared of, someone that puppies and kittens run from. I didn’t want to be like that, I was usually happy and full of life. The heat was sucking my very essence out of me and if I didn’t do something about it soon, there’d be no going back.

The technician from Air Conditioning Repairs Melbourne was standing tall, with his toolbox in his hand and a large, friendly smile on his face. I greeted the man, introduced myself and asked him into my home. The man was very careful not to knock over anything with his toolbox, and I directed him down to the air conditioner. I explained to the man from Air Conditioning Melbourne that I had spent the past few days covering myself in cold water and doing anything possible to keep cool. The man grinned at me and told me that he would do his absolute best to get the air conditioner working again. I thanked him and left him to it. I thought about how incredibly gorgeous the technician was, and how badly I wanted to ask him out for dinner. I maintained my professionality though, choosing not to ask him out. I did however, end up with a perfectly well-working air conditioner.

Air conditioning repairs saved me lots of money

When I moved into my new unit I was shocked to see the state of the air conditioning. It was filthy. I had heard of people getting sick from germs hiding in air conditioning vents. When I turned the air conditioning on, a cloud of dust shot out of the vents and the whole system started shaking. I wasn’t sure if it was shaking and rattling around because it hadn’t been used in a while and was just firing up, or whether this air conditioning was broken.

The next day I decided to get the air conditioning looked at so I called Air Conditioning Sydney. I spoke with a man on the phone who told me he would send two contractors out that afternoon to have a look and work out what was going on. I didn’t expect it to happen so soon, but I’m glad the men from Air Conditioning Repairs Sydney were able to come that afternoon.

When the Air Conditioning Service Sydney van pulled up in the driveway I did a very quick clean up of the house and flicked the kettle on. I’d grown up with the rule that as soon as someone walks up your driveway you must turn the kettle on.

They were more shocked than I was about the state of the unit. While they had a look at it, I started making coffees. I asked them whether germs were able to get trapped in air conditioning vents or if it was just a myth and they told me it was definitely possible. One of the men continued to tell me how important it was to have your air conditioning vents regularly cleaned to maintain clean and healthy air circulation in your home.

The contractors finished up and switched the air conditioning on. There was no dust cloud, no rattling and definitely no shaking. I was very happy with their efforts. I thought I was going to have to buy a new unit. These contractors had just saved me a lot of money.

I’m on a journey for an air conditioner

I will not rest until I have made it to the beautiful and secluded city of Ondehn, otherwise known as the Dawn City. It is the furthest east city on all of Aerros, and it’s where my journey here ends. Once I reach the end of the world, I will leave it and sail into my world, not in a literal way, but in a metaphorical way. I can only hope that I can make it to the end. The only problem is, (well actually the main problem because in reality there are lots of problems, just many of them don’t need my immediate attention) I am sweating too much, for all of this heat, and my horse and mhy water supply are running dry. Just to be clear my horse is not my water supply. I thought I had best clear that up, in case that sentence wasn’t too clear. If I can make find the dawn, then I can also make it to the land of the offices of air conditioning Sydney. Once I find it, I’ll be able to get them to fix my air conditioner, and I can drop this fever, and then I can stop this delusion, namely, that I’m in a world called Aerros. I can use the delusion to stop the delusion. Brilliant.

The air conditioning repairs Sydney crew were more than useful when I made it to the Dawn City. I knew that they would be; they have a reputation amongst the people for being kind and gentle, much like the rest of Ondehn. It’s not a big city, hardly a city at all, but people seem to flock there to find peace and find the dawn. I hope that I can find peace, when I ask them about my air conditioning service Sydney that needs doing.