I will marry this woman in that wedding dress

I can see her in the snow. I can see how she shines in the sun. I can see her blue eyes all the way over here. I can see how she smiles at me like I’m the only person that has ever made her smile. I want to spend the rest of my life with this woman and I want her to know it. I am going to marry her because I realise now that I have loved her for as long as I can remember. She is my best friend and she is my saviour and I just hope that it’s not too late to find out if I’m too late or not. I want to go to the wedding dress designers Melbourne has on offer and I want to get their best dress. I won’t take no for an answer and I endeavour to get the very best dress that this city will ever see. I know that it is not the material things in this dress that matter, but what it will make us feel when I see her wear it on that special day. I still have to ask her, which means that I need a ring. I might be able to get away without it if I at last have some of the best bridal jewellery Melbourne has ever seen, sparkling in the evening sun. I think that I will be able to make a grand entrance too, which will help me cause no end. Everyone loves an underdog getting there at the last minute and saving the day and getting the girl. I want to get the girl and I want to get the veils Melbourne crew to help me to get the girl. That vision that I had at the start, of her in the snow, will come to pass.