Confusion springs from mysteriously broken air conditioner

Having four older brothers had it’s ups and downs. We were all incredibly close, but being the youngest of five and female didn’t make things easy for me. I was constantly harassed by my brothers, all picking on me. They loved scaring off the boys that I spoke to, or publicly embarrassing me. They were the best brother’s a girl could ask for and I couldn’t have made it this far without them. When I was just a baby, my parents had passed away in a car accident, leaving my brothers to take care of me, raising me to be the woman I’d grown to be today. I was only twenty, and my brothers ages spanned between 23 and 30. Focused on health, fitness and family, my brothers were always doing some form of training. Yesterday when I’d gotten home from school, I found a note on the refrigerator. The note was asking anyone that had a spare moment, to phone Air Conditioning Service Sydney. I looked over at the air conditioner, confused as to what was wrong with it. I’d used it just a few night’s back and it’d worked fine. Worried that I’d caused the damage, I picked up the phone and called Air Conditioning Repairs Sydney.

When the man at Air Conditioning Sydney answered the phone, I told him why I was calling, and asked if he would be able to help me. The kind man assured me he could sort something out as he looked for their next available appointment. As I gave the man my details, he paused and asked if I’d already phoned up today. A bit taken back by the question, I told him that I hadn’t called earlier but it was possible that one of my brother’s had. The man giggled as he went through his upcoming appointments, only to inform me that an appointment had already been set for three days time.