Fanatic in heaven thanks to the garage construction company

The movie watching mega drome was even grander than it’d been in my dreams. After a wonderful phone call with one of the guys down at Stable Builders Tamworth, I’d decided to use their services to make my movie kingdom. I had been a movie fanatic since I’d first seen my mother’s black and white love stories, way back when. I didn’t just enjoy movies, I recited them over and over, learning the expressions, the movements. I didn’t have anyone around when I was younger, both parents flying across the country regularly for business. Without any siblings, the house became lonely and the stars became my family. I completely immersed myself in the movie, whatever it was. Every ounce of me was dedicated to feeling the intended emotion, living in the character’s shoes. Thanks to the team at Custom Sheds Tamworth, I knew had my very own palace, in which I could escape reality and go home to my family.

I’d spent the past two days in my mega drome. I’d considered this in my plans, allowing each seat to recline to a completely horizontal position. It was heaven for anyone interested in entertainment, or even decoration. I’d taken a lot of time deciding on the colours, the style. It had to be perfect, inviting and luxurious. That it was. Housing a toilet and a bathroom aside the shed, Garages Tamworth had succeeded in providing me with the most amazing, most perfect, movie watching domain that ever could be built. The very best thing about all of this was, although I hadn’t seen the point in venturing back there over the past 48 hours, the house was only a few short steps away. My next goal – a fully enclosed walkway from the shed to the house.