Invitation search brings on wedding excitement

My fiance had never seemed that interested in making plans for our wedding since I had proposed. I had been mentioning things, like setting a date or even small details about songs, and she would often change the subject or flat out ignore me. She was acting like a stubborn man who was being forced into marriage. I wondered if that was how she felt. Then I assured myself that I would know if that was how she felt – she wouldn’t of accepted my proposal if she didn’t want to spend her life with me. I guess she just didn’t really care about the wedding plans. I, on the other hand, was obsessing about them. I’d already arranged the jobs into two lists, one for my fiance and one for me. The first thing on my fiance’s list was to organise the Wedding Invitations. It had been an awkward conversation when I’d first brought it up, but after a few hours of playing on the computer, my fiance seemed to be enjoying her hunt for the perfect Modern Wedding Invitations.

My fiance spent the rest of the night glued to the computer screen, calling me over for my opinion on the latest invitation that she’d found. When she jumped into bed, my fiance asked me which invitation style I liked the most. I told her that I liked the Black and White Wedding Invitations the best, and she smiled and tightened her grip. She was lying across my chest cuddling me. She must have liked those invitations the best too. We fell asleep in each others arms talking about our wedding and what we wanted it to be like. I was completely wrong about my fiance, she was just as excited as I was about getting married.