The invite will go out to my entire friend, Gary too

I do not love Gary and I can barely tolerate him at the best of times, but he is my friend from high school and since the wedding is going to be at the high school, then I don’t think it is too mean to actually have him come to the wedding ceremony. I am not too sure about the reception but I don’t know to work that in the invite. I think that we are going to go online for those wedding invitations that I hear everyone talking about. I am not too sure what I am going to put on his specific one. I guess I will have to live with him being there at both of the event. It will be a happy day and I’m sure that there is nothing that he can do that will ruin my mood that day. I am going to be marrying the man of my dreams and he will have to just deal with it. I want to say, while we are no this subject, that the invites that I have seen have been amazing to say the least and I am really pleased that the DIY wedding invitations are able to be made by myself and by my fiancé and we will really be thankful by the time that they all go out. I was able to just go online and we were able to see through all of the details that we could choose from and we were able to get the one that best suited our wedding and our themes and our colours. I think that the best thing to do right now is to start getting all of the birthday invitations sorted out right now, for the next 50 years, so that we have it all planned. I want that, but I don’t know about David.